Hello! My name is

Gina Hong.

I design, research, and code.

I'm a UBC Cognitive Systems student interested in building and designing websites and applications!

About Me.

Hello! I’m Gina, a fourth-year Cognitive Systems student at UBC.

I’m interested in developing practical solutions to everyday problems. I’m constantly learning more about programming and enjoy the challenges that come with it.

When I’m not building and learning, I’m playing my guitar 🎸, designing stickers 🎨, or cooking 🍳!

I am searching for a developer position in 2020 May-August!


Undergrad Teaching Assistant @ UBC

SEP 2017 - JUL 2019
  • Guide students through a course-long database project where students are tasked with creating an application that utilizes the students’ own database design (CPSC304).
  • Helped students in weekly 3-hour labs that introduced students to systematic methods of solving hard design problems. (CPSC110)
  • Give mini-lectures and advise Vantage College students in weekly tutorials (CPSC110)


Web Development

Personal Website


Contact Me

Wanna grab coffee? Have questions about TA-ing?
Just shoot me an email!

You can also find me on these sites:githublinkedin