Hello! My name is

Gina Hong.

I design, research, and code.

I'm a UBC Cognitive Systems student interested in building and designing websites and applications!

About Me.

Hello! I’m Gina, a fourth-year Cognitive Systems student at UBC.

I’m interested in developing practical solutions to everyday problems. I’m constantly learning more about programming and enjoy the challenges that come with it.

When I’m not building and learning, I’m playing my guitar 🎸, designing stickers 🎨, or cooking 🍳!

I am searching for a developer position in 2020 May-August!


Analytics Developer @ Samsung

SEP 2019 - APR 2020
  • Implement a data validation functionality within our various data pipelines using JSON schemas and Python (Python, SQL, JSON schema).
  • Helping with development and maintenance of our data pipelines by monitoring airflow DAGs and our AWS services (Airflow, AWS Redshift, Python).
  • Maintaining stability and better UX in our Tableau servers used by internal stake holders. (ex. reconfig authentication, web dev for internally used docs).


Web Development


  • ideaDate is a web application for developers and designers to present their ideas and/or collaborate with others.
  • Building off of a 'Tinder-esque' swipe-card model, we wanted to build a platform that encourages the collaborative and open-source spirit of hackathons.
  • I was tasked with setting up the frontend and linking up our project and user creation pages with our API.

Contact Me

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